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The US youth player development model currently lacks encouragement towards free-play and pick-up style soccer. Street Smart Soccer is a pick-up style soccer training program dedicated to enhancing the player’s enjoyment, creativity, and confidence.



Army & Navy Academy

2605 Carlsbad Blvd
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Army and Navy Academy

Carlsbad, CA

Sunset View Park

1390 S Greensview Dr

Chula Vista, CA 91915

Sunset View Park

Chula Vista, CA

Army & Navy Academy

200 Saxony Rd
Encinitas, CA 92024

Magdalena Ecke YMCA

Encinitas, CA

Word on the Street

“This is a great program, with awesome coaching. Damon and Phil are outstanding!! My boy has fun each time and has improved his skills. Different locations to choose from.. I would highly recommended it to anyone.”

Payman Z., Parent

“Great stuff. Kids get to play and enjoy the game. Development comes natural by rubbing off of each other. This is no pressure, positive atmosphere place that promotes mental toughness with a respectful attitude. Good job!”

Alexey K., Parent

“Builds Confidence with ball control, players become more technical, great experience for the players to adjust to small fields with this technique they must play fast.”

Juan G., Parent


What is Street Smart Soccer?
Street Smart Soccer is a Soccer Training Program designed for all levels, ages, genders, and abilities. We encourage creative freedom and put the focus on loving the game first.
How does Street Smart Soccer improve my players soccer ability?
By creating a LOW RISK-HIGH REWARD atmosphere, players are allowed to make decisions and mistakes without the pressures that can come with club or organized soccer. Players are encouraged throughout and are allowed to find out what kind of player they want to be. It improves all parts of a players game: technical, tactical, physical, social, and mental.
What does my child wear/bring to Street Smart Soccer?
SSS is played on a hard surface. All that is required is flat shoes (sneakers or indoor soccer shoes) and some water. We encourage players to wear their favorite soccer team jerseys or SSS clothing (available online). No shin guards, no cleats.
How do I know if this is for MY player?
Come and try for FREE!Contact us for more information.
How many sessions does it take to see improvement?
Typically we recommend that players attend 15 SSS sessions (3 x 5 packs). Players will feel different on the ball and will also be able to make quicker decisions in high pressure environments!

Improvements and development can happen after just 1-2 sessions, as it can ignite the players passion for the game – which then gives them the fuel to WANT to get better and WANT to play. However, all results vary.

Is Street Smart Soccer the Same as Futsal?
NO – It utilizes a similar skill set to that necessary in futsal, but Street Soccer is outdoors, with smaller courts and smaller teams, which guarantees more touches on the ball. Futsal, is often directed towards structured league play, whereby Street Soccer is centered around organic, free-play, pick-up style. There are no goalkeepers in Street Soccer and some other rules are different. Rather than an “Alternative choice”, parents should view Street Smart Soccer as a complimentary soccer training program to their child’s current regimen.

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